Achieving outcome 3

To achieve targets under outcome 3, PAGE has been supporting partner countries by way of designing and implementing nationally tailored training packages and programmes on specific priority areas with the overall objective of capacity building and awareness creation on IGE.

To summarize the progress of the achievements of outcome 3 so far by end of 2017:

  • 53 national institutions (22 additional institutions in 2017) have strengthened their capacity to deliver IGE policy analysis or training or to lead policy and stakeholder consultation processes.
  • 2,023 people (379 additional people in 2017) have been trained through national level training programmes and in globally or regionally offered on-line training programmes and on- campus training programmes.
  • An average of 90% of course and training participants have reported to have increased their capacity in IGE related issues in national, global and regional training programmes.
  • 11 training packages (2 additional packages in 2017) of IGE training programmes and specific training modules have been offered to countries (at global and national level).

In-country activities in the following countries support the achieving of PAGE outcome 2: