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Key cross-sectoral policies

Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda II (GSGDA II)

National Climate Change Policy (NCCP)

Key thematic and sectoral action areas in 2017:

Green finance

Green industry

Green jobs

Green economy learning

PAGE's support to Ghana contributes to the achievement of the following SDGs:

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SDG goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


The government of Ghana recognizes that sound environmental management, especially through the application of science, technology and innovation, is pivotal to capturing economic opportunity. These principles are embodied by their Shared Growth Development Agenda.

Furthermore, PAGE in Ghana is enabling the government to deliver on the inclusive green economy objectives of this plan, as well as deliver on:

Progress in 2017: A Snapshot

Mainstreaming green economy

In support of Green Economy and SDG mainstreaming into the country's Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies development plans, PAGE:

  • has developed an action-orientated manual that provides tools for planning and implementation at the local level; and
  • has conducted targeted training for key government personnel for effective application of the manual.

Green finance

In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, the Ghana Association of Bankers, and the Bank of Ghana, PAGE has initiated a green finance workstream. In support of this workstream, PAGE:

  • has initiated a stocktaking study;
  • engaged with key stakeholders at the Green Finance Conference; and
  • will provide capacity building support for stakeholders in the finance sector.

Green economy learning

PAGE has been providing introductory green economy knowledge training in partnership with a national education and training institution. The aim has been to build up the capacity of the national partner to deliver similar trainings on a recurrent basis.

How does PAGE's work in Ghana meet its objectives?