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Key cross-sectoral policies

Provincial Five Year Plan

Key thematic and sectoral action areas in 2017:

IGE indicators

Green trade for promoting renewable energy

Green industry

Capacity-building on global value chains and entrepreneurship

PAGE's support to China, Jiangsu Province contributes to the achievement of the following SDGs:

Sustainable Development Goals icon

Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education

SDG Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Country overview

Green development has been placed at the heart of national development strategies and priorities in China. Jiangsu province and PAGE are committed to building a resource efficient, inclusive and thriving economy through the implementation of:

PAGE is helping transform Jiangsu’s economy into a driver of sustainability through:

  1. Identifying and sharing success stories at the provincial and sub-provincial levels, and within the private sector, to inspire other provinces and countries to embrace green economy
  2. Identifying and analyzing major barriers to an inclusive green economy transition

 Progress in 2017: A Snapshot

Measuring progress with green economy indicators

Identifying and developing green economy indicators can help provincial policymakers monitor long-term progress towards a green economy transition, and identify how the region’s transition compares to others. PAGE provides technical and financial support for the development of Green Economy Progress Indicators at provincial level in Jiangsu, including:

  • expert workshops
  • consultations
  • database development
  • reporting

Green economy academy

PAGE has put green economy learning at the top of its agenda. Its 2017 Green Economy Academy in Jiangsu, which gathered more than 50 participants, covered key green economy topics such as:

  • Green Finance
  • Green Industrial & Fiscal policy
  • Natural Capital Accounting
  • Integrated approaches to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The target audience included more than 50 participants including environmental scholars, policymakers and front-line environmental bureau officers from seven municipalities in Jiangsu.

Green industry transition

PAGE, with the support from the Beijing Institute of Technology, is working on the development of a Green Industry Progress (GIP) Index.

This Index:

  • assesses progress of green industrialization in 18 other provinces including Jiangsu
  • provides insights into where further improvements in policy actions are required.

Boosting green trade

In June 2017, a workshop on "Unlocking South-South Trade in Environmental Goods and Services in Jiangsu" was held in Nanjing for over 50 participants from local governments, business associations, environmental companies, international organizations, and environmental NGOs.

Discussions focused on:

  • global and national trends in trade in Environmental Goods and Services
  • Jiangsu’s experience in trade in renewable energy and environmental technologies
  • the opportunities and challenges of expanding green trade with developing countries. 

Through the green trade work stream, new partnerships have been built with the trade and investment community and has also helped to get private sector partners on-board with PAGE.

How does PAGE's work in China meet its objectives?